A journey to Cellula autonom with Convolution Neural Network

Cellular automaton is a discrete system of computation developed in the early days of computer.

It is part of automata theory and has many applications in form of simulation on various areas like physics and biology
You can read more about Cellular automaton here.

Here we will go through the process of training different models to predict next generation (state)

  • Develop python class representing Cellular automaton
  • Training Conway’s Game of life Pytorch model
  • Training Neural Network multiple rules model to predict next state according predefined rules
  • Classifying rule class base on…

On this tutorial we will walk through

  • Creating Julia set images programmatically
  • Creating Transpose Convolution model to output Julia set images from single complex float
  • Training model from uniform distribution range (domain)

you can learn more about Julia set here

The complete source code can be found here

Creating Julia set images programmatically

On 2D matrix each value z goes through iteration loop where it tries to escape from some limit lim such that z.real ^ 2 + z.imag ^ 2 > lim in some number of iterations. …

Meir Dragovsky

Machine Learning Engineer

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